Brad Pitt And Make It Right Produce “LivingHome C6″ – Low Cost, Sustainable Energy Design

Photo By: Izumi Tanaka

It is a day to say “thank you” to the many actors that truly do want to make an effort to help change the way we live and make it a better place for generations to come.  One of which I am speaking of, Brad Pitt, together with foundation ”Make It Right” has created an amazing renewable energy home.

Outside The LivingHome C6 Photo Credit:Izumi Tanaka

Warm, modern and sustainable. C6 has a lot to offer any resident with its super insulation and smart heating and cooling system thanks to the “Nest thermostat”, which helps the adjust the temperature at a degree the resident prefers.

LivingHome C6-Photo by Izumi Tanaka

LivingHome C6-Bedroom-Photo by Izumi Tanaka

It’s designed for energy savings, as well as comfort and its low cost price tag of just under $180k make it a great sustainable home to afford! Having about 1200 square feet, the affectionately called “LivingHome C6″, with its three bedroom and two baths is perfect for families.



[+] Learn today about the C6 Prefab by Living Homes/Make It Right.

Photo Credits: Izumi Tanaka.